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A few representative testimonials:


"Hi Jack, David, and Team, I received my putter about two weeks ago. What a great gift my wife purchased for me at The Villages (Florida) Golf Festival. Everyone I golf with has commented on it, and I am getting used to the feel and touch of the larger grip and solid wood head. Thank you all for a fantastic product, and as far as I am concerned, a beautiful piece of art." Scott H.

"Good morning Jack. I received my new putter yesterday. The picture on the web site does it no justice. It is absolutely beautiful! Thanks again for the quick turnaround." ~ Harvey A., Callaway MD

"Jack, Happy New Year. I just wanted to give you an update on the performance of my Musty. Rolling it with wood seems to be working for me. Since delivery of my putter I have played 16 rounds. My total putts per round have been quite remarkable. Two rounds of 30 putts with the rest between 24 - 29. Needless to say I have been very impressed with the performance of my Musty. I am hoping things will only get better in 2014. All the best." ~ Joe L., Fairfax Station VA.

"I one-putted the first five greens I played with my Musty Putter! I've been playing it for over a year now, and the Musty has shaved at least four strokes off my scores. Purest roll off the club face I've ever seen." ~ Dave R., Manassas VA

"My Musty putter feels and performs more consistently for me than the Scotty Cameron putters I have used for years (not to mention the Musty being a magnificent work of art that always grabs the attention of my playing partners). Never thought I would change, but I'm definitely a Musty convert!" ~ Don Z., Vienna VA

"We purchased our Musty putters and have not looked back to our Ping putters that we had used in the past. The Musty putters provide much more feedback and feel for the putts. It is an absolute must for fast greens where the feel of the putt is critical. It is the first putter that is truly fit for my putting alignment and technique. Metal putters never provided me enough feedback and on fast greens and putters with inserts felt muffled. I felt like I was getting the yips with my past putters. Besides, how could I be the only one on our golf trips that didn't have a Musty yet? Join the crowd and roll it with wood." ~ Brian and Darlene C., Woodbridge VA

"With the Musty Putter, I now have the confidence that the ball is going in the cup. And, more times than not, it does! Thanks, Musty!" ~ Bill H., Fairfax VA

"Jack, The putter arrived and it is beautiful and Bob is thrilled with the performance and feel. After the holidays I will be ordering another putter for my brother. Thank You." ~ Naomi V., Fairfax VA

"I bought my Musty Putter 14 years ago. I love it and if it broke today I would order another one today." ~ Ryan K.

"These putters are not only beautiful to look at, they work like a charm. The first time I tried one I instantly felt the difference during the ball strike. No hopping, jumping off the face. I will never go back to the metal putters. Dave Musty is a genius. If you have the opportunity to try one of these, I highly recommend you do so. They also come with a life time guarantee. Recently I was playing a round and the bag strap lock on the cart opened. My bag fell on the cart path, head cover came off my Musty and damaged the head. I contacted Jack Taylor and he told me if they can't repair the damage, they will send me a new one, no charge, you can't beat that!" ~ Harvey A.



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